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Hotmail as part of Microsoft’s service continues to be a modern web based email service that has been integrated into the Outlook domain. While Microsoft has introduced the Outlook web based email service recently, it has also integrated Hotmail domain with it. As a result, new and old users of Hotmail account can enjoy modern web based email benefits that can be found in this integrated email domain.

How to sign up for a Hotmail account?

If you wish to sign up for a Hotmail account for the first time, you need to take the following steps:

  • Log on to on your web browser. You would be directed to where you will find the login panel for any Microsoft account.
  • The link to create a new account can be found below the login panel.
  • Once this link is clicked, you will be redirected to the account creation page.
  • Here you will find the account opening form that needs certain basic details.
  • The first few fields pertain to choice of username and password. When you are choosing a username, you need to ensure that it is a unique one as per the millions of usernames already registered on Microsoft account. You can select the domain of your choice here, such as
  • After selection of username is approved, you need to select a strong password for your account.
  • Here you will want to ensure that the password is at least eight characters in length, comprises of alphanumeric characters, special characters, upper and lower case letters and so forth.
  • After the strength of the password chosen is approved, you would be required to fill in the next few fields that pertain to your basic personal information.
  • These pertain to first name, last name and gender details. After this you would be required to fill in the field that pertains to country of origin. Once this detail is completed, you would be required to fill in account security information fields.
  • These fields seek information such as an alternate email address and a phone number. If you provide the information in these fields you would need to validate such data. For instance, when you key in an alternate email address, you would send a verification link to the email address that needs to be clicked on for verification. If you key in a phone number, you would be sent a validation code as text message. This will help you validate your phone number.
  • Once these fields are filled, you then need to abide by the terms and conditions. Once you check the box in agreement on the terms and conditions, you need to enter the captcha code that you find. After these steps are completed, you will have completed the sign up process.

Logging in procedure of Hotmail account

Once you have created a Hotmail account successfully, you would want to log in and check your emails and work on your correspondence. The steps to log into your account are as follows:

  • You need to log into your account by typing or on your web browser.
  • Here you will find the login panel where you need to key in username which is the email address in full.
  • The next step is to fill in password in the section that comes up in the following pages.
  • Once the password is keyed in your login process is completed. However, you need to ensure that you key in the password in the case sensitive manner as it was created.

There are ways to make your login process faster and smoother. For instance, you could check the box given to save your password. This is recommended for those who log into their email account from a dedicated system or computer. It helps one to bypass the keying in of the password every time one wishes to access their account.

There is another feature that Microsoft provides to make logging into your account an easy process. This is an access code feature that helps users override the password keying in requirement. One needs to sync their accounts with their phone; once the sync is done, the access code is sent to one’s phone for every login process. That makes it a secure way to log into one’s account without having to remember one’s account password and having to key it in manually every time.

The two step verification procedure for secure login

This is another security feature that is offered to account users by Microsoft. This feature helps to secure the login process to one’s account which can help add another layer of security to one’s account. The process comprises of the following:

  • To activate the two step verification process, you need to visit your account security settings.
  • Here you will find the option to activate the two step verification process.
  • Once this is done, you would be required to key in the security code that is texted to your registered phone number or your alternate email address in addition to keying in the password.

This process helps to make your login process secure. This is especially a requirement if you often log into your account from public computers. In case you are keeping a session open accidentally in a shared computer, you would be notified that your account was accessed from a certain location or IP address at an approximate timeline.

Hotmail account features are several, new ones having been added to make the use of this email service more convenient. As Hotmail shares the domain with Outlook, both email services of Microsoft offer several beneficial features such as:

  • The focused section feature allows one to see correspondence that matters while the sweep function allows one to sweep away unimportant correspondence with a single click.
  • The features provided to keep your inbox clutter free are several and convenient to use.
  • The Hotmail inbox allows users to integrate their social media accounts; one can check their posts, updates, and conversations on different social media accounts and reply to the same.
  • The Skype function being integrated with Hotmail account makes it easy for one to add their contacts to this application make video calls or conference calls and so forth.
  • Microsoft offers OneDrive cloud storage facility along with the standard email storage facility with every Hotmail account.
  • Office suite featuring integrated with Hotmail accounts makes it easy for users to create, edit as well as share documents, presentation files, spreadsheets and so forth.

The above points showcase the versatile functions offered on the modern Hotmail email domain. Though the domain does not have a separate existence, old users of Hotmail will find their age old correspondence intact. Hotmail has undergone several changes from the late nineties when it was first introduced. Today it is part of Microsoft’s services and the latter has put in efforts to make changes to overcome the several limitations that Hotmail domain had previously. Today there are more security options that ensure that your Hotmail account cannot be hacked into easily. The access code feature introduced by Microsoft, provides an alternate way for users to log into their account without having to key in the password every time.

The above points showcase the ease at which you can create a Hotmail account. At the same time, precautionary measures are taken such as asking for a validated phone number and email address to be provided at the time of account creation so that Microsoft can use such details to help users recover their password or activate the two step verification process. All such measures help to make the Hotmail account a secure experience. Users can also use the mobile app to log into their Hotmail account on their smart phone or tablet. These are some of the ways users will find the versatile features of Hotmail useful, whether they are using it for business or personal correspondence.

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