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For those who are Hotmail users, they need to sign into their account using the Microsoft unified login panel. The steps to follow for signing into Hotmail account and other login features are showcased below.

Login security features

The access to Hotmail accounts in the past was relatively simpler as there was hardly any need to monitor account passwords. As a result, that leads to ad hoc choice of passwords by users, which made the accounts easy to hack and infiltrate. To stop and reduce the instances of accounts being hacked into, Microsoft introduced certain security steps which seek Hotmail users to incorporate certain changes in their accounts:

  • Password for one’s account needs to comprise of alphanumeric characters along with special characters.
  • The password needs to be of eight characters of length at least.
  • Users are advised to update or change their password from time to time.
  • The two step verification process is also an option to safeguard email accounts further.
  • Users are asked to update additional personal information in the account security section.
  • This comprises of adding a phone number as well as an alternate email address, subject to such facts being verified.

Additional login security features of Hotmail account

Microsoft provides additional ways to safeguard one’s account such as:

  • The two step verification process is an option that can be activated which would require one to key in an access code that is sent as a text message to one’s registered phone number or alternate email address.
  • There is another feature added by Microsoft, that of an access code being sent through an app to one’s phone. This will help one override the need to key in their account password every time. The access code would be sent in an app on one’s phone and this can be synced with the laptop or computer where one is logging into their Hotmail account.

The above points showcase the additional measures that can be employed to make one’s Hotmail account secure.

Added features in new Hotmail accounts

For those who are yet to experience Hotmail on the new Outlook platform, they will realize that the email inbox interface has changed much. The old correspondence and mail can be found intact in this new email inbox layout. There are modern, convenient features to avail of such as:

  • Contacts and emails can be organized easily with the new features offered. The new calendar function makes organizing tasks easy. There is a focused section where emails and contacts can be saved on a priority basis. Hence, one does not need to shift through all kinds of correspondence to get to what matters.
  • Calendar tasks are easy to prioritize on the Hotmail inbox. Itinerary and travel information get updated on your email, calendar directly and notifications, alerts are issued automatically as per such correspondence or any change that occurs. For instance, if there is flight information in your inbox, the calendar, tasks will get updated accordingly.
  • The inbox also has cloud storage options. Microsoft provides standard storage capacity on OneDrive and there is also the option to store and share files through Dropbox.
  • Office integration is another vital new feature offered to Hotmail users through the new inbox layout. With Microsoft Office suite integrated with the email inbox, it is possible to create spreadsheets, word documents and PowerPoint files through this feature. Such files can be created, edited and shared easily through your Hotmail inbox.
  • Collaboration is a great benefit on Hotmail, especially with the new features added. Skype is another useful feature that comes free with your Hotmail account usage. You can easily link to your contacts, chat, message, and video call them through this interface.
  • Social media accounts easily sync with your Hotmail account. Whether you have accounts on LinkedIn or Facebook or use services like Uber, PayPal, Skype or others, you can get updates of these accounts directly in your inbox. One can read up on posts, share updates and reply or comment on different conversations and trending topics directly through their inbox.

Hotmail account, sign in through mobile app

Another way to access Hotmail inbox is through the mobile app that can be downloaded onto one’s tablet or smart phone. The Outlook app will provide access to the Hotmail inbox and help one stay connected to their Hotmail account on the go:

  • One can locate the Outlook app for their IOS or Android device.
  • This app comes for free and is easy to download and install.
  • Once the app is downloaded one needs to key in the login details. If the two step verification process is activated, one would be asked to key in the text code that is sent to one’s registered phone or email address.
  • Once the login details are keyed in the right, one can choose to stay logged into their account through the app.
  • The apps usually have all necessary features akin to the desktop version.
  • Hence it is possible to sync other account emails as well, such as Gmail on the Hotmail app.
  • One can check their different email accounts through this app without having to log into different apps or platforms every time.
  • The mobile app offers several features such as attaching files, adding on calendar events or contacts.
  • The swipe feature is an effective and simple way to archive or delete messages.

The above features showcase how one can effectively use the mobile Hotmail app as well as use the desktop to sign into their email account. With all kinds of new and innovative features, it becomes easy to make Hotmail your number one email service that can handle your personal as well as business correspondence and help you remain organized on the go as well. That is where the functionalities and convenient features of the mobile app come in for handling all your email correspondence on your smart phone or tablet.

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