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There are several features that make Hotmail usage interesting and beneficial. Paired with Outlook it offers you emailing features that are best and comparable to any web based email service out there. If you wish to create a new account on Hotmail, here are some steps and useful information provided on the same.

How a Hotmail account can be created

The following steps need to be followed when one wishes to create a Hotmail account in a successful manner. The whole process takes a few minutes to be created:

  • When you open a web browser you need to type in on the address bar.
  • Here you will find the sign up page for The procedure to sign up for a Hotmail account needs to be completed through this page.
  • You need to locate the sign up link that is found at the bottom of the login panel on this sign in page.
  • Click on the option which will lead to the account creation page for Microsoft. This is a common account opening form for any service from Microsoft that you wish to sign up for.
  • The form seeks basic personal information and the beginning section needs you to choose a new username as well as a password.
  • Once these fields are filled with you would be asked to fill in the next fields.
  • The personal details comprise of filling in your first and last name. Once these fields are entered you can move on to filling in the next fields.
  • You need to choose a new username for your Hotmail account that needs to be unique. As you make a choice, it would be validated against the database of usernames that already exist for Hotmail.
  • At the time of choosing a username you need to choose your domain which can be or
  • Once the username has been successfully chosen, you can move to selecting a password for your account. This needs to be case sensitive. The password also should be at least eight characters in length, comprise of special characters, lowercase and upper case alphabets and numbers.
  • The password you choose would be validated as per the strength of the same. Once your password strength is found to be adequate, you can then move on to filling in the other fields.
  • The next field comprises of choosing the country or region you come from. The right country needs to be selected from the drop down list that appears and then one needs to move on to other fields.
  • After you have filled in your country of residence, you are asked to enter your birth details. Once you have filled in your birthday, year of birth and month you would be required to fill in the gender option.
  • After all, such personal details sections have been completed; there are account security information fields that need to be filled.
  • Under this section you need to provide a valid phone number which will be validated by a security code that is sent to it as a text message. Once you have keyed in the code you would be asked to also provide an alternate email address. This also needs to be verified by clicking on the verification link that is sent to this email address.
  • Once these fields are entered, your account security features are updated. You can now proceed to complete your signing up process by agreeing to the terms and conditions. Once the terms and conditions are checked, you would be asked to enter the captcha code that is given. One can choose to key it in or get audio aid if the letters and characters are not clear.
  • Once the sign up process is completed, you will be taken to the new inbox page of Hotmail account provided by Microsoft.

Signing into your Hotmail account

Once you are on the inbox page of Hotmail, you can start to use the different features that are offered on the modern and updated inbox of Outlook that is shared with Hotmail users. If you choose to log out, remember that next time you log in you would have to come to outlook sign in page and follow the steps below to sign into your Hotmail account:

  • If you type in on your web browser you would be taken to
  • Here you will find the unified login panel for Outlook and Hotmail users.
  • The first login field is about keying in the username which requires your complete email address.
  • Once the username field is completed, you would be redirected to the next page for keying in your password.
  • Remember that the password is case sensitive; in case you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link to retrieve your password which can be done either by getting a reset link in your alternate email address or a verification code sent as a text message to your registered phone number.
  • Once you have retrieved the account password, you can choose to stay logged in. This prevents you having to key in your password and username every time you log into your Hotmail account. However, this option should be chosen only when you are accessing Hotmail through a dedicated laptop or computer.
  • Microsoft also provides an access code feature that can help you bypass the password login requirement. This comprises of syncing your phone with your email account and getting an access code every time you wish to access your Hotmail account. This does not require you to manually type in your account password.

Once these steps are followed, you can ensure that you have access to your Hotmail account as and when you want.

Features of Hotmail account

Hotmail domain being synced with Outlook, there are several features that users can avail of. With millions of users of this service, Microsoft ensures that members get the best of features as well as have a secure and private email inbox usage every time. Here are some innovative features that have been introduced for the use of Outlook and Hotmail account users:

  • Clutter feature helps you swipe out the emails that you do not wish to read or choose to ignore. This helps to keep your important correspondence in clear view and easy to read.
  • Search feature in Hotmail has been revamped and the search suggestions show up easily that makes search for any email as per heading or user easy and convenient.
  • The search can be refined as per dates, attachments, files and folders.
  • Update with Skype integration makes it easy to make video calls or conference call through your Hotmail account.
  • It is easy to preview the new messages that come in your inbox with the help of the focused section feature.
  • If you have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others, you can access these accounts; see updates on them, posts and conversations easily in your Hotmail account.
  • The filtration of spam messages is quite effective for which you will not find many spam messages cluttering your Hotmail inbox.
  • Incoming messages are scanned effectively, for which there is less chance of spam infiltration and malicious activities are also prevented.
  • Office suite integration with Hotmail and Outlook inboxes makes it convenient to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. This is a useful aspect provided by Microsoft for Hotmail and Outlook users.

The above points showcase how one can effectively make use of their Hotmail for personal and business correspondence. No matter what kind of email correspondence you need to make, file storage, calendar, task features as well as social media integration and a handy mobile app makes it possible for one to do much more with their modern Hotmail account. For such reasons, Hotmail accounts can still be functional and used conveniently by the old time users of the service.

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